Little things for beer

Squid rings 150 gr
169 грн.

Breaded squid rings

Potato chips 100 gr
59 грн.

own cooking. Classic with salt or paprika (your choice)

Dried crust for beer 180 gr
69 грн.

dried crust for beer

Crispy pork ears 200 gr
149 грн.

crispy fried pork

Ears in a spicy sauce 250 gr
159 грн.

Onion rings 150 gr
89 грн.

flavored onion rings, fired until crisp

Vobla 100 gr
89 грн.


Smelt 100 gr
159 грн.


Sunflower seeds 50 gr
29 грн.

seeds, marinated in Live Stargorod Beer for special flavour and taste

Cheese brushwood 55 gr
69 грн.

cheese suluguni fried to crispy crust

Cheese sticks 260 gr
159 грн.

Jerky chicken 50 gr
69 грн.

Pork jerky 50 gr
69 грн.