Restaurant Brewery

We brew the real Czech beer!

Traditionally, the whole process of wine maturation and storage goes in the basement at a temperature of 2 +/- 1 C.

Real Czech Beer lives only for 20 minutes after it was taken from the basement.

The influence of the room temperature, air, light ... and in 20 minutes you’ll feel a change of Beer taste (Beer dies) …

We do not pasteurize our Beer, we do not filter it, we do not add preservatives to our Beer - we do not use mass production techniques!

We are the successors of the age-old traditions of brewing!

Czech brewer of the Stargorod network is Svec Frantisek.

František Švec is a Czech brewer of the Stargorod brewery network with 35-years working experience in such breweries as “Budvar”, “Staropramen” (Prague) and “Holesovice” (Prague).

In the Stargorod, Frantisek represents Brewing (Prague, Czech Republic), which developed and introduced the technologies of the production of Czech Stargorod Beer according to the classical technology based on Czech raw materials. Frantisek brews beer and shares with our brewers the traditions of brewing, monitors the production of beer, conducts the excursions to the production and reveals the secrets of his brewing art.