Фирменные блюда

Pork khee 1 pc
399 грн.

chef's specialty! The selected pork knuckle is prepared according to Czech and German recipe: it is specially pickled during the day, is cooked at various temperatures and is baked until crisp. The dish is for real gourmets of Beer. It is served on special trivet.

Crispz pork knee 1 pc
399 грн.

stargorod's frying (for a big company) 2300 gr
749 грн.

marinated neck of pork, fried with bacon, munich sausages, a quarter of duck, potatoes fried with mushrooms and a picked onion

Special duck (Czech duck) 1/2 pc
349 грн.

half of home duck, baked until crisp.It is served with cabbase and knedliky

Special duck with apples 1/2 pc
349 грн.

half of a home duck, baked until crisp. It is servd with baked apples and sauce

Stargorod`s ribs 900/80 gr
359 грн.

pork ribs, pickled in herb, baked until crips. They are served with baked potatoes under salted butter