Specially for beer

Вяленая доска под пиво 275/65/20 gr
329 грн.

Buffalo wings 320 gr
149 грн.

pieces of chicken wings with Tabasco sauce

Shrimps 250 gr
339 грн.

- brewed in Stargorod beer
- fried
- with spices 349 uah

Сrayfishes 600 gr
699 грн.

fresh crayfishes, boiled in Stargorod's black with herbs or crayfishes, cooked in Stargorod's manner Served in 40 minutes

Fish beer set 280 gr
179 грн.

Fish beer set

Cheese beer set 360 gr
259 грн.

sliced cheese: dor-blue, royal, comembert, parmesan, edam