Мэрская гонка

Club of beer lovers of the Czech brewery "Stargorod"

After drinking 10 liter mugs of Czech Stargorodsky Beer individually or with the help of friends in one visit, you get a Club Name Card.

Having drunk more than 200 liters of Czech Stargorodsky Beer YOU get the right to become an Honorary Named Mug of Stargorod.

But first you need pass the ceremony of initiation into the Mugs and get a Named Mug with your photo.

After drinking 1000 liters of Czech Stargorodsky Beer you get the right to become a member of the Honorary City Hall of Stargorod. To do this you must pass the rite of passage and get a Name Chair.

Honorary Nominal Mugs and the Honorary City Hall of "Stargorod" enjoy special privileges:

- free entry to the Stargorod show throughout the restaurant chain - Stargorod Breweries

- have the right to be photographed in the annual Stargorod calendar,

- have the right to special birthday greetings,

- have the right to choose the best waitress of the year.

Сулаев Сергей

Семейкин Алексей

Столбов Юрий

Боднар Алексей

Хворост Максим

Можар Вячеслав

Лапко Вадим

Старовойт Владимир